Surviving The Great Flood

Classic Ibiza at Harewood House – Surviving the Great Flood!

We all know that Yorkshire is God’s own country. That must explain why the weather witnessed by those of us attending Classic Ibiza at Harewood House last year was of biblical proportions. The summer heatwave, that we had all become so accustomed to came to an abrupt end when the heavens opened to deliver a torrential downpour that even Noah and his ark would have struggled with. Fortunately, for those Harewood heroes who braved the elements, the clouds lifted just as the Urban Soul Orchestra hit the stage and we were treated to what was a truly divine performance of the gospels according to house music.

One of the beauties of Classic Ibiza is that it is set in the grounds of our country’s best-loved stately homes. The downside, as we saw last year, is that we are at the mercy of the great British weather. In light of this, we bring you The Eight Commandments of Classic Ibiza, some useful tips and details of the enhancements that we have made this year to ensure that you are guaranteed a night to remember.

  1. Elemental elegance: Although the music is straight from the White Isle, we can’t guarantee that the weather will be! So, keep an eye on the forecast and dress accordingly. It’s advisable to bring waterproofs, appropriate footwear and warmer clothing for when the sun goes down.
  2. What a relief: We always provide more toilets than is required at our concerts. The queues last year were largely caused by people using them for shelter from the rain and who can blame them? You’ll be pleased to hear that we have added extra toilets this year and will be assigning specialist stewards to ensure that you can relieve the call of nature as quickly as possible.
  3. Food for thought: Unlike most outdoor concerts you can bring your own food and drink to our shows. Be aware however that there is a no glass or can policy at Harewood. For those of you wanting to travel more lightly, we have added extra stalls this year selling high-quality street food. Visit the food and drink page of our website for what’s on offer.
  4. A taste of the White Isle: We have secured a long-term partnership with premium Spanish beer brand San Miguel. In addition to significantly increasing the size of the San Miguel bar area, there will be a number of other outlets on site where you can purchase liquid refreshments. All designated drivers to and from the show will also receive a complementary sample of San Miguel’s non-alcoholic lager, San Miguel 0,0.
  5. We are family: Classic Ibiza is a family show that welcomes all age groups, which is reflected in everything we do. From the selection of the most iconic dance tracks that span the various generations of house music, to ensuring that everyone has an amazing evening.
  6. There and back again: An unforeseen fault on the A61 traffic lights, which was compounded by the weather, also caused some delays with access to the venue last year. This year, we have adopted a revised traffic plan for those of you wanting to take advantage of the free parking at the concert. We have also secured the services of the Big Green Coach Company, who will be running shuttle services to and from the venue. The best advice is to plan your travel arrangements long in advance, especially if you are travelling by taxi.
  7. Your name’s down, you’re coming in: Last year we experienced delays at the entry points caused by wet tickets, which resulted in our scanners not working. If it does rain, please keep your tickets dry.  It is also a good idea to download your tickets onto your phone prior to arriving on site as they can be scanned in this way too. We have also added extra lanes and personnel to the entry points, which will mean quicker access the concert site.
  8. Make sure you’re connected: The best way to stay up to date with all Classic Ibiza news is to follow us on social media or sign up to our newsletters. In addition to providing you with updates on the show (including the weather!), we will be running a number of exciting competitions up to, and on, the evening of the concert. Further information can also be found by visiting the Harewood House page of our website.


I attended nearly all of the Classic Ibiza shows last year and the vast majority of them were blessed with the most amazing weather. However, if I had to select my favourite concert, and despite being drenched to the skin, I would have to choose Harewood. With my poncho and wellies already packed, I’ll leave you with the words of Max Barnes Davy, one of Classic Ibiza’s amazing vocalists, who sums up my thoughts entirely:

"Classic Ibiza last year was a vibe. At Harewood the rain was intense, but the will of the people was intenser! People still showed up in abundance to party and that energy mixed with waterproof ponchos made us give the event more. The love and energy you bring is always reflected, so thank you!"

Amen to that, Max!

This article was written by Alex, a member of the Classic Ibiza team


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