Weston Park Arrival & Security Information

This is what you can expect when you arrive at Classic Ibiza at Weston Park. You may also want to check out our FAQs and Food & Drink pages for further information.



Classic Ibiza is an outdoor concert, so is deemed to be low risk. We continue to work with specialist advisers, local authorities and government to ensure that our shows are safe and follow all current guidelines. Further updates will be posted here nearer the event.


Social spaces

Our ‘social spaces’, a grid of clearly defined picnic areas and ‘walkways’ marked directly on the grass, were a massive hit last summer so we’re keeping them.

  • Select your own space on arrival – each accommodates up to 15 people (larger groups can select adjacent spaces).
  • Each ‘social space’ is situated in a colour-coded zone (denoted by flags).
  • Walkways will be marked with festoon lighting.

When combined with more communal areas, like our ‘dancefloor’, they provide the best of both worlds – you get your own space to host your party, they make it easier for you to find your party if you’ve been dancing, and once it goes dark the site looks incredible. What’s to lose?


Ticket verification

  • Tickets will be checked on foot once you have left your vehicle and on entry to the concert site.
  • Tickets will be scanned on entry from either a PDF on your phone or a printed version. We recommend that you download your digital ticket before you arrive, as mobile signals are often limited at our sites.
  • Tickets have a unique bar code which will be read by our scanners. If you have printed tickets, please make sure that they have not faded.


Security information

Your safety is very important to us, so we appreciate your cooperation with following measures that will be in place on the evening:

  • Our security team will be checking everyone as they enter the concert site. This will include bag-checks, pat-downs and metal detectors. This may cause some delays, so we encourage you to travel as light as possible. Please visit our Food & Drink page to find out what you can bring.
  • Specialist search dogs will be in operation throughout the bag search process.
  • The concert site is strictly out of bounds for any vehicle. Please, under no circumstance attempt to drive your car onto the concert site before or after the concert.




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