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Please note that this is a live page and we will be updating the information thoughout the week.

Classic Ibiza Weston

We are so looking forward to welcoming you to Weston Park for our first Classic Ibiza for nearly two years! Please note that our website will be updated throughout this week so please keep up to date here and follow our social channels.

Weather for Weston Park

Keep an eye on our Facebook page on Friday evening for the latest weather forecast and ground conditions at Weston. It’s looking great!

We’re Covid-stylin’!

We are extremely grateful to South Staffordshire Council, the amazing team at Weston Park and our suppliers for working with us and helping us to stage Classic Ibiza in 2021. Below are the details and we will need your help and understanding to make them happen. Please can you share our plans with everyone in your party.

In normal times we would not dream of asking this of you. Classic Ibiza is about freedom and a sense of togetherness. Unfortunately, these are not normal times, but we know that you are still going to love the show that we have in store for you.

We also know that we can count on you to treat everyone in the Classic Ibiza family with respect and adhere to the measures that we have no choice in implementing. We hope that it doesn’t come to it, but unfortunately anyone failing to cooperate will be asked to leave the concert site.

We’re all in this together! We can’t wait to see you all!!

Headline Measures

  • Social spaces: the concert site will be divided into 5x5m socially distanced “social spaces.”  The social spaces will be within clearly marked colour coded zones and the arena will be lit with festoon lighting. There will be clear walkways between each colour coded zone. Each space can accommodate up to 15 people. If your group is smaller than this, you will have lots of space! If your group is larger than 15, you will be allocated adjacent spaces up to a maximum of 30 people. Apart from the “Gold Zone” (see below) social spaces will be assigned to you free-of-charge on arrival
  • Testing: we recommend that you go to a community test centre. Alternatively, you will need to show a negative lateral flow test (taken in the last 24 hours) via a confirmation text message, email or on the NHS App. Instructions of how to do your test and how to report your result are included in each self-test kit. Once you have reported your negative test to the Government website you will receive a text message, email or NHS App notification shortly. Lateral flow tests are available free of charge from your local pharmacy, or can be ordered online here
  • Track and trace: if you are the lead booker, we already have your contact details.  However, we must collect details from all members of your party.  To save you time at the ticket gates, please forward this form to all members of your party asking them to fill in beforehand.  You will also be asked to check in using the NHS COVID-19 app at various points around the site
  • Facemasks: you will need to wear a facemask as you arrive, stand in queues and leave the concert site. You can take them off when you are in your own social space

At the ticket gate

  • Your tickets will be checked on foot once you have either parked your car or been dropped off by your taxi
  • Social distancing: you will need to maintain social distancing at all times at the ticket gates.
  • Groups [UPDATED]: the concert site will be divided into colour coded zones, with further numbering to help identify the position of your social space. If your group is unable to arrive together, please contact those arriving later with your position

Ticket gate process:

  • Display your negative Lateral Flow Test: via a confirmation text message, email or on NHS App
  • Bag check: you are reminded not to bring any prohibitive items and adhere to our alcohol restrictions. There will be a fast-track lane for people without picnics
  • Search dogs: anyone attempting to enter the site with illegal substances will be refused entry
  • Ticket check: please have your tickets ready as a print-out or on your phone
  • Social space: you will be directed to your allocated social space

The concert site

  • Zones: the concert site will be divided into clearly marked colour-coded zones, with walkways in between and the arena will be lit with festoon lighting. On arrival you will be allocated a 5x5m social space within a zone. You can leave to go to the toilet, or to visit the catering and bar areas, but will be required to wear a mask while queueing. If you are attending with children, please ensure they also stay in your social space
  • The Gold Zone: with no dance area this year, the area in front of the stage will be available to purchase for groups of up to 30. You can register for a Gold Zone social space here on a first come, first served basis. All other social spaces are free of charge
  • Walkways: the site will also have a number of clearly marked walkways to access the on-site amenities. Please help our stewards to keep them clear at all times.

Toilets, sanitation and litter

  • Hand sanitiser stations: there will be hand sanitiser stations across the site and at each queue point. Please make use of these frequently throughout the evening, including before and after visiting the toilets
  • Toilets: we’ve doubled the number of toilets this year, which will be constantly cleaned throughout the evening. A socially distanced queuing system will be in place with stewards there to help you
  • Litter: it’s especially important this year that you clean up after yourself. You will be provided with a litter bag at the gate and will be asked to take the contents home to recycle

Coach travel

Please hand sanitise before boarding, wear a facemask and socially distance at all times.

More information

Further information, including the programme and FAQs, can be found by visiting the Weston Park page of our website. Alternatively, send us an email and we’ll come back to you as soon as we can.


Gates open – 5.30 pm (please note change of time to allow for additional measures)

Chill out DJ set – 6.30 pm

Sundowner Set – 8 pm

Interval and last entry – 9 pm

Dance set – 9.30 pm

Concert finishes – 10.50 pm

Chill out Laser Light Show – 11-11.15 pm

Getting to Weston Park

Weston Park is clearly sign posted from all routes.  Look out for the yellow signs as you get closer to the event which state “Classic Ibiza”.

There are two entrances into the estate:

  • Gate 1 - The Shrewsbury Drive for taxis, pick up and drop offs – TF11 8PX
  • Gate 2 – The Blymhill Gate for public cars parking and coaches – TF11 8LE

Please take a look at our FAQs here for further information:

If you have a taxi dropping you off or collecting you. Please give the following instruction:

Please give your taxi driver the following postcode – TF11 8PX

Your pick and drop off point will be within the park. Please do not allow your taxi driver to drop you off on the surrounding roads. The A5 is a very fast and dangerous road and you will be prevented from walking out of the gates. The route will be clearly sign posted.

At the end of the night your taxi will be parked in a numbered row in the same area that they dropped you off. Please speak to your driver at the end of the concert to find out which row the vehicle is parked in – this will help us and you to find your taxi.

Please advise any taxis picking up after the concert to be back on site by 10.35 pm.

Here is a plan that will help you:

Packing Your Picnics

Please can we remind you of prohibited items as follows:

Animals (with the exception of assistance dogs)

Professional camera equipment.

Naked flames – flaming torches, barbecues or candles (tea lights in enclosed lanterns are fine)

Fireworks, sparklers or Chinese lanterns.


Domestic knives only will be permitted on the concert site and these will be limited to 5 inches or under and folding knives with a 3-inch blade or under.

Illegal drugs.  Revival Productions have a zero tolerance drugs policy.  Search dogs will be in operation at the ticket checkpoints.

You will be allowed to bring your own alcohol but there will be restrictions per person.  As a guide we would recommend a maximum quantity of the equivalent of a bottle of wine per person or 4 cans of beer.  Neat spirits will not be permitted.

You will be issued with a litter bag as you enter the concert site.  We ask that you help us to reduce waste and take your litter home with you and recycle as much as you can.

Security Information

Classic Ibiza is considered a low risk event.  However, your safety is very important to us and we would appreciate your cooperation in helping us to make the evening not only incredibly enjoyable but also safe.  There will be additional security measures in place on the day:

Our door supervisors will be carrying out bag checks as you enter the concert site which will include pat-downs and metal detection wands and will cause inevitable delays.  We encourage you to travel as light as possible. 

There will be random customer checks.

Specialist search dogs will be in operation throughout the bag search process.

You may like to consider taking advantage of the excellent street food vendors on the concert site and travel extra light in order to use the Fast Track lanes at the ticket gates.

The concert site is strictly out of bounds for any vehicle.  Please, under no circumstance attempt to drive your car onto the concert site before or after the concert.

Facilities on Site:

Classic Ibiza Shop




Set list lanyards

Classic Ibiza Bar




Soft drinks


Catering Village

The Fork Society

Flying Cow

That Smoke Truck


Chockshop West Midlands

Polly’s Parlour

Lauren Faye Coffee Bar


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