Tatton Arrival & Security

Classic Ibiza Tatton | Saturday 29 June 2024

We can't wait to welcome you to our Tatton Park event! Before we do so, here is a rundown on everything you need to know in advance. 

Further information can be found within the Tatton section of our website. This includes our Travel & Parking, Food & Drink and FAQs pages. 

Any major updates will be published on this page, as well as our 2024 Facebook event. Please keep your eye on these if you have any concerns.


Packing for Classic Ibiza

If you are bringing your own picnic, please read the following information carefully:

  • You can bring your own alcohol, choosing from one of the following quantity restrictions per adult:
    • 75cl bottle of wine
    • 4 cans/bottles of beer or cider
    • 4 cans of sealed pre-mixed spirits
  • Wine boxes are allowed if allocated across your party to the limits above.
  • Neat spirits will not be permitted.
  • All bags will be searched, and excess quantities of alcohol will be confiscated.
  • Naked flames (flaming torches, barbecues and candles) are not permitted, although tea lights in enclosed lanterns are fine.
  • Fireworks, sparklers and Chinese lanterns are not permitted.
  • Knives and corkscrews are not permitted - only domestic plastic or wooden knives will be allowed.
  • You will be issued with a litter bag as you enter the concert site. Please help us to reduce waste by taking your litter home with you and recycling as much as you can.

Full list of prohibited items:

  • Drones or professional camera equipment 
  • Naked flames or private barbecues 
  • Neat spirits 
  • Pets (with the exception of assistance dogs) 
  • Corkscrew or knives (only plastic or wooden domestic ones permitted)
  • Fireworks, sparklers or Chinese lanterns 
  • Recreational drugs – search dogs will be in operation throughout the night


Security information

Keeping our concert a safe and happy place is incredibly important to us. Please show your cooperation by familiarising and preparing yourselves for the following safety measures:

  • Our door supervisors will be carrying out bag checks as you enter the concert site which will include pat-downs and metal detection wands. We encourage you to travel as light as possible to avoid delays.
  • There will be random customer checks.
  • Specialist search dogs will be in operation throughout the bag search process.
  • The concert site is strictly out of bounds for any vehicle. Under no circumstances attempt to drive your car onto the concert site before or after the concert.
  • Food & Drink cannot be taken into the dance circle. Please leave any containers within your social space.


Getting to Tatton Park

  • Parking is free and does not require advance booking. If you are a designated driver for the night, you can claim a free San Miguel 00 at the bar. 
  • Tatton is clearly signposted from all routes. Look out for the yellow signs as you get closer to the event which state “Classic Ibiza”.
  • There is one main entrance into the estate via Rostherne Gate, to be used by cars, taxis, pick up and drop offs and coaches – WA16 6QN (what3words ///gurgled.reseller.restless)

The below map will help you:


If you are coming/going by taxi, please make sure you have booked in advance and provided your driver with the following information:

  • Venue postcode: WA16 6QN (what3words ///gurgled.reseller.restless)
  • Your pick and drop off point will be within the park. Please do not attempt to pick up and drop off on the surrounding roads. This is very dangerous and you will be prevented from walking from the concert to the gate.
  • At the end of the night your taxi will be parked in a numbered row in the same area that they dropped you off. Please speak to your driver at the end of the concert to find out which row the vehicle is parked in – this will help us and you to find your taxi.


  • The bus stop is located opposite the Knutsford Drive on Tatton Street. What3words ///overture.helping.registry.
  • There will be marshals at this location to assist you. 
  • Please note that a ticket must be pre-purchased to use this service. 
  • It won't be possible to walk out of Knutsford Gate at the end of the night.

The below maps will help you:


The Ticket Gates

  • Your tickets will be checked on foot at the ticket gate. This is the same for any transport method.
  • Please download or print your ticket in advance - issues in locating or downloading tickets at the gate aren’t fun for anybody!
  • Your bags will be searched – prohibitive items will be taken/confiscated and you could be refused entry in some cases.
  • Search dogs will be in operation. Anyone attempting to enter the site with illegal substances will be refused entry.
  • The gates close at 8:30pm. Anyone trying to enter the concert site past this time will be refused entry.


Concert Timings

5.30 pm - Car Parks and Gates open with chill out DJ set

6.30 pm – Latin House DJ Set with Jose Luis

8.00 pm – San Miguel Sundowner Set with the Urban Soul Orchestra

8.30 pm - Last entry

9.00 pm – Deep House DJ Set 

9.30 pm – Dance Set with the Urban Soul Orchestra

11.00 pm - Concert finishes


The Concert Site

The site is divided into ‘social squares’, walkways and the dance circle. Please read the following information if you are not familiar:

  • Social squares are selected on arrival – each accommodates up to 8 people (larger groups can select adjacent spaces).
  • The social squares are divided into colour-coded zones, denoted by flags. 
  • Walkways are marked by festoon lighting. Please keep them free of obstructions.
  • The dance circle is standing only and located directly in front of the stage. Food & drink cannot be taken into this area to protect the musicians.
  • There are two banks of toilets on site, on both sides of the site, to the right and left of the stage. 
  • The bar can be found to the left of the stage - look for the pointy tent and giant sign!


Charity Partner

Classic Ibiza at Tatton Park is proud to be supporting Francis House Hospice. There will be various fundraising initiatives taking place on the evening, including a £2.50 donation from every souvenir setlist lanyard sold, a recommended £5 donation from press and guest-list entries, as well as collection points at all entry and exit gates. Further funds will be raised at the Francis House shop, located behind the sound tent selling a range of fun merchandise.


Other on-site facilities

We recommend you bring cash, incase any retail outlets experience issues with card readers. 

Classic Ibiza Shop

Selling a range of merchandise that includes a range of clothing, accessories, and souvenirs.

Classic Ibiza Bar

Stocked with a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. This includes beers, wines, spirits, soft drinks and cocktails. 

If you are a designated driver for the night, all you need to do is present your car keys to a member of the bar team to redeem a free San Miguel 00. 

Catering Village

A full list of street food vendors can be found on our Food & Drink page.




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